Monday, March 8, 2010

Pfadfinderei at Hyper Island

Today we got served some fresh & inspiring 1st class design shit straight from Berlin based creative collective Pfadfinderei. They have been working with design, motion and music visualization since 1999. They were represented here by one of the seven members, Codec. He revealed to us a look behind their curtains and their creative process including research, references and tests before arriving at the stunning finished work. It was surprising to see how much conceptual thoughts they had behind their creations. Other insights from this lecture included:
  • Establish a collective with like minded people to keep pushing yourself, sharing rocks
  • Get your administration stuff straight so you can focus on being creative
  • Start a playground where you can work on your own projects to balance commercial work
  • Keep reinventing yourself and keep doing things differently
Check out the videos below and make sure not to miss out on more of their work on their website.

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Anonymous said...

Are they suppose to look like an ill-formed
pop group lol?