Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Module 7 - The Agency

My Hyper Island time is soon running out, after this one there is only the internship module left. But before that, one of the toughest and most interesting modules: The Agency.

The class is split into 5 agencies with 10-11 people in each. Those agencies have CEOs, project managers, designers and creatives. All agencies have three clients each and the possibility to pitch for more clients as well. All assignments are real and paid for by the clients with actual budgets, a pleasant pressure on delivering great work. My agency goes by the name of Forever & Young, we're 11 people. Right now I'm in charge of the current pitch for a real estate company here in Sweden – as a process leader, facilitating a group of four creatives and helping them work towards the winning idea. It's a nice change for a couple of days stepping back from creating ideas. It's more about structuring the idea development process and trying to create a creative atmosphere in a group in order to help them be more effective – a great learning experience. Next week I'll continue the work on one of our clients as an art director.

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