Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to confuse an idiot…

Found on uarrr


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
love it.
clearly an idiot. :)

Anonymous said...

found it this morning, before 'watching' it, i've put my headphones on, nuff said :)

Anonymous said...

the vid was awesome!

Anonymous said...

hmm...'Oksy'...sounds a lot like 'Proxi'...not running scared are you Proxikid? Get a little bit too much abuse did you?

The Idea Bakery said...

yes, I'm an idiot.

cheers for the comment on the Bakery Wal!


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Bastards.

Mike said...

I hate you! What an ACTUAL idiot!!!

I even went to YouTube and tried to type the darn thing in!!!

Dammit, why isn't it working...maybe it's because...oh no wait - that's right you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd guys. I am hurt. I've just had to move home after being on the placement scene for two years. After months of having my balls viced by creative dictator after creative dictator.

And then this.

It's like that time I got given a piece of cream topped chocolate cake when I was 4. Only for Pete Hampton to turn round and tell me I was eating mud topped with birdshit. I had to leave that school.

And you guys took me all the way back to that. I hope you're proud.

Then, just as I'm wiping my abstract memory tears away, I start to sob again as I realise that there are two guys sitting at Wiedens posting mud pies topped with bird shit, regressing failed creatives into their tortured memories of childhood.


Anonymous said...

you're funny.

Anonymous said...

Anon 09:49, you really do sound like some failed loser.

Guy's since you've been at W + K your blog's got boring. What's happened to all the crazy japes you used to get up to and the wacky balloon stuff???

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39 AM, Wow. That's pretty insightful. It's no wonder you're in the industry and I'm flouncing in my own self-pity.

What gave it away that I sound like a failed loser? Was it the part when I described how I failed and then went on to say how I ate bird shit? Or did you just sorta have a hunch?

And thanks Wal. But it really does make sad that you are posting 4 year olds tricks on websites whilst undertaking a gold dust placement.


Yours hypocritically,


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:52 you really are a bitter and twisted. I hope Wal doesn't end up like you after doing the 'placement scene'.

Anonymous said...

I took your first post 10:52 quite light heartidy - apologies if you're deadly serious about it. I just thought you'd written a nice short story there... were you a writer?

He/she does also make a point that you're at a top agency, somewhere you've been longing to be at and you're spending time posting pranks. You're better off sticking to what you do best me thinks.

Good luck with it all and your vid you're making Wal/Jai.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:10AM, I am cut for a reason man. Some real good reason.

When you've had yourself a crit where you book gets spat upon, your manhood belittled and your haircut flattened, I challenge you to then turnaround and say "Begone sweet twisted bitterness that advertising has made, begone, begone, vanish". I challenge you.

I write this post with my left hand. So excuse the verbose diatribe. My right hand was logical and simple but was cruelly eaten by a certain CD at a certain Agency after a particularly nasty crit.

So there.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Anon 10:52 & 12:58. Just because they're at their dream agency doesn't mean they are going to be working 100% of the time.

They should be putting 100% in, sure, but they can take a slight break from thinking and put up some posts and even, god forbid, think about something un-ad related.

Anonymous said...

indeed, we post this prank from the agency of our dreams, being busy doing whatever we can to make sure we stay on - that is the most important thing right. thus keeping the blog short, not forgetting it though, we enjoy writing it. but no stunts here, no ballons, only ideas.

Anonymous said...

i have a got a good stunt. in fact - this is how my friende got hired at wieden amsterdam

buy lots of adidas clothes shoes scarf, flags. wear all these items. go on. you deserve it. then walk in to wiedens shouting, I LOVE REEBOK.

if you don't get hired after that... (and theres no reason why you shouldnt)...

repeat as before. but make sure you've called their main sport client over (cravendale)

ps. hey jules!