Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brief 2008

At the last AHA! we've met Ash, and together with our friend Ant they are starting something rather interesting: Brief 2008. Have a look at the specs.

What is it?

An informal industry showdown where teams from different sectors of the industry (that's you guys) go head-to-head to see who can best answer a digital brief, probably under the influence of alcohol. You'll be judged by top industry people not just on caliber of creative ideas but also their feasibility and potential longevity.

How does it work?
The basic format of the night will be an evening where planners, creatives, thinkers, designers PR people, and anyone else from any of agency will come together in teams and tackle a brief that will be given to you on the night. You'll spend 2 hours putting presentations together with advice from our after which the work will be presented and a decision will be made.

Who's judging?
So far we have confirmed the following judges:

Amelia Torode - Managing Partner of VCCP and head of Digital Strategy
Ben Milligan - Head of Planning at Holler
Iain Tait - Founder of Poke

Who should take part?
You! Creativity doesn't just lie with the creatives, especially when digital briefs are being discussed. We're looking for anybody within the industry with enthusiasm for generating good ideas. We're looking for six or more teams consisting of 3-6 people.

What's in it for me?
As well as free booze on the night you have the chance to show yourself off in front of senior people from some of the best agencies in town, and big bragging rights.

Where and when?
The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, WC2E 7DL.
Thursday 17th July - 6.30 pm prompt start - 10:30pm approx home time.

How do I register?
email themonkeypuzzler@gmail.com with Team Name (and motto), members, where you're coming from. In order to avoid flakiness (as we know everyone is very busy) there will be a £10 per head charge which will be given entirely to charity. Once we have confirmed your attendance we will send over the 'just giving' account details.

UPDATE: The event is free now, no 10£ charge.

Looking for a team? Want to know more?
Start the discussion on the Brief 2008 Blog or the Facebook group.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A bit pricey - you'll have to let us know whether it's worth the money if you go Wal :)

Anonymous said...

Free booze though - you can make up the costs!

Anonymous said...

£10 and at 6pm do they think that placement teams have those sort of luxuries?

Anonymous said...

yepp 6pm is quite early for placement people. we'll see.

Anonymous said...

£10 is not thaaaat much is it?

Anonymous said...

dum dum duuuuuuuuuum what was the first comment thats been deleted wal? is that a first? one you've had to delete because it was to ofensive? give us a hint about what it was about, please pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Laker: It mentioned something about a certain someone that somehow would make Wal & Jai come across as something they wouldn't like that certain someone to think about them.

Or something.

Anonymous said...

well, not the first one to be deleted, same stupid comment for the last couple of days, someone trying desperately to get some attention. so thanks to this person: welcome to comment moderation.

Carb Free Creativity said...

Cheers WAL

All working

There's loads more on his youtube channel!



anthony said...

yo. I'm helping to organise this event and we decided, on the strength of your comments, and a general feeling, that we are gonna:

a) make it free to enter
b) change it 6:30pm start.

so there you have it. free booze, and some really good agency names judging. any more questions ask me or post on the Facebook event page.

cheers, Ant

The Oxymorons said...

Sounds good guys. We'll see what we're up to. Would be good to see the guys from VCCP and Poke.