Thursday, July 10, 2008

Campaign, Adventure Edition

Is that possible? Let's see. This afternoon, between meeting and conference call I got myself a caffeine drink and sat down for five minutes in the agency reception. A copy of the new campaign on the table lay in front of me and as I stitched the words together I realized that I haven't been reading one for ages. Just a quick look.

Steve Henry leaves TBWA. Ouch, he was a great guy, even if we've met him only once, the article didn't do him justice. Yes, he was very digitally minded yet always looking for the big idea. Next up, Private View with Ed Morris. He says BMB is the best agency in town!? Big claim! But both thumbs up for Ed leaving a comment on Scamps blog, not anonymously, and backing it up in campaign. Funny enough (but understandable) Scamp deleted it – who would have thought that it was really him? Diary, full of more fun. Fallon's Orange spot is Turkey of the week. It's not great but I don't know it deserves that much blame? Oh, and Graham Fink, well peng. You know how we young creatives are all participating in this arms race, called 'stunt', right? – We're guilty by the way – He turns it around and pulls a stunt off himself! Arranging a meeting with an innocent graduate creative at 10pm, leaving him to wait in the empty reception for an hour before he is collected by a car that takes him to the Millennium Bridge. There he/she is asked to cross the bridge to see Graham. Awaiting him on the other side is Mr. Fink, of course in a black dress with a black mask, handing him over a living boa-snake and running off. Hell yeah. This graduate deserves a job, just for playing along. Kudos to Graham Fink, it never seems to get boring with him. Thanks Campaign, you did brighten up my coffee brake.


Anonymous said...

Was ed morris taking the piss about BMB? I thought he was...really odd thing to do. An in-joke perhaps?

]-[appy Thought said...

Finky is nuts. Pure and simple. In a good way. Unfortunately for him, trying to pull off being a woman with his heigh probably gave the game away quite quickly.

Anonymous said...

Finky isn't nuts, he's a prat. There's a huge difference.