Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Short & Sweet birthday

Short & Sweet, Londons only weekly short film showing celebrated its second birthday last night. Yesterday they showed a crop of the good stuff. Two hilarious films from Lev Yilmaz stood out, see them below and visit his website to discover more.

Also on screen was a short we blogged about last year, Rabbit, make sure to have a look, if you don't mind weird. We want to thank everyone at Short & Sweet for all the fun we had since we went there for the first time, we discovered lots of great shorts and always left inspired.


]-[appy Thought said...

Were you there? So totally missed you! did you go on Monday or Tuesday?

Yeah it was one of the best ones yet. I need to start going more regularly, always a good crowd and sweet weekday's entertainment

Anonymous said...

i went there on tuesday, did you go on monday matt?

]-[appy Thought said...

Oh right yeah, should have noticed from the picture really!