Thursday, May 15, 2008

We call him Shmoo

This is how the mugs look like here at Leo Burnett. They have the green man on them. One of our favourite teams here, Christen & Ollie had this idea. We like this green guy, he's cool.

You ask us why we post a mug? Well, we're cheating really, as we don't have time for a 'proper' post. We're working on a pitch. The tissue meeting (we hate that expression) is tomorrow. So, we better get going. Chop Chop.


Anonymous said...

Posting simply for the sake of posting?

We've got down to mugs - running out of things to say :)

It's a nice enough mug. Enjoy drinking your tea or coffee from it.

Anonymous said...

nope, it was on our list to share. and the list grows longer and longer, we just didnt have enough time to share something more elaborate :D everyone having a good friday? we do.

Anonymous said...

You do realise shmoo is a slang word for vagina, right?