Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Hundred And Ninety-nine

Good morning. How are you? Did you enjoy last night? Hope so. This is the 199st post on Creative in London, and originally we planned to post '9.99 advice to help you getting a killer advertising portfolio' as we have been putting together advice we've received from people over the last couple of months. Then, we changed our minds, because we think we realised something. There are no short cuts, all the advice in the world sounds great but until you go through experiences and understand things yourself it doesn't mean much even if you think you're getting it. All advice needs context and yesterday we finally 'understood' a really important piece of advice.

Last night after work, we were at BBH for the fourth time in as many months. It's a tough nut to crack. Out of all the agencies we've been to so far, it must be the one with the highest standards for placement teams. Apparently they've seen over 100 books in the last year and not one has reached the Creative Director. But there's a good reason, they only get placements in that they intend to hire. We think that's great. No wasting time, you know where you stand, here's an opportunity so don't fuck it up.

After we showed the 'Gatekeepers of the black sheep' (as we call them) they sent us away with lots of advice, which we filtered down to what we think is the most important one. We heard it before, it's one of Ed Morris' motto's - 'Don't let a good idea stop you from having a better one'. Although they didn't say it, that's what we got out of it. We have good ideas in our portfolio, we enjoy the work in the book, but sometimes it stops us from having better ones. Perhaps a little obvious to say, like a lot of advice we get, however the thing is yesterday it really rang home, so now that's what we intend to strive for.

But for now, enough of the seriousness, enjoy May Day, my horoscope told me to find a reason to celebrate, thus I choose the beginning of spring. And I'm sure Scamp & proxikid will be celebrating, they are both one year wiser today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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