Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fuck Green

In june we wrote a paper for the account planning school of the web on HUMMER. The strategy we drew out of it was 'Fuck Green' which we made into a poster campaign. Here we go.

We thought about reworking it for quite some time, and found a different route on the same strategy. We're deciding which one to pick up, to refine and expand. Opinions?


Anonymous said...

Second campaign is too subtle - I'd stick with the first...

Anonymous said...

I quite like it mate.
ABD right though... second one way too subtle. Is it that... summer will be coming because Hummer is going to cause so much damage it'll always be hot?

First one is pretty sweet though.

Also... kudos for posting another campaign. Cojones

Anonymous said...

yes, the second one is missing a car shot over the logo :) would that make it more understandable?

Anonymous said...

There's something about your second campaign that I prefer. It definitely says 'fuck green'... Hummer might be contributing to global warming etc but we don't care.

As long as that meets with the mindset of your target audience it works. It certainly goes along with your strategy.

It does give me reasoning for not buying a Hummer, I feel I shouldn't buy a Hummer for the examples your posters show but then I'm not your target audience.

It could also be saying, buy a Hummer and we'll have none stop summer - there's a bit of a positive message there.

The car shot may help people get it's a Hummer campaign if they don't already get it - the car shot doesn't add anything to the idea/execution though.

Your first campaign doen't work for me, but others seem to like it so perhaps I'm in the minority.

Anonymous said...

bad brief and even worse work.
If you 2 are trying to piss people off, do the first.
If you're trying to show no imagination, show the second.
Both very addy and how many peopple that actually buy hummers? except premier league fotty stars and arnold swa... whatever.
Stupid brief, kill it, you're wasting your time.

Anyway, seen it loads of times as a strategy.

Do something else because this is rubbish!

proxikid said...


my fav bit of your blog is the comments section!
I love the way people respond. Anonymous are always the best. Hiding behind the no-name is awesome. Better still to try and guess who it might be. Shall we have a little game?

Not sure about the work, 2nd doesn't excite me and the first one isn't happy enough. Sorry, but Diesel with'global warming ready' did it better.

How's tricks at LOWE?

proxikid said...
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Anonymous said...

Hiding behind the no-name might be awesome but it's even more intriguing when the post is deleted!

Anonymous said...

well, intriguing but not really interesting as proxikid just posted twice and deleted one of em.

Anonymous said...

sorry lads, honest opinion is that it's not very good.

too easy

very studenty (have to smarter than your average student to stand out)

it's all about the strategy, as with your ryan air one it's not a first idea, not an amazing piece of leftfield thinking.

may be harsh but if you want to crack the industry you have to do a bit better than this.

try doing something that's more topical, something really hard.

not a hummer - killing the earth

or ryan air - cheap flights

good luck chaps

Anonymous said...

By the way, we tried this brief once and went with the line 'Still built for conflict' with executions such as a cyclist swearing at the camera.

Not sure how good it was, but thought i'd share it with you.

Anonymous said...

Nice line - "still built for conflict"

Anonymous said...

HUMMER - "Live for today"

Anonymous said...

Your Hummers a bummer.

Bin it.

Anonymous said...

remove it asap, it's crap.

Anonymous said...

'We don't stop for green' - nobody stops for green. Red, mate. We stop for red.

Anonymous said...

yepp, but we re not talking about the traffic light :)

Anonymous said...

dude - you're a red-head?

Anonymous said...

"we don't stop for green' needs to be put into context.

People need to know what you mean by 'green' i.e. environmentally friendly.

You need to make that clear - so I'd look at your line again.

Obviously you're not talking about traffic lights, but that's just an example of how your line can be misinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

How about 'we don't think green'

'we think beyond green'

Anonymous said...

You're on with Vodka. You're up against White Russian and voting starts tomorrow.

Get started - get cracking.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the strategy, but as far as it goes "We don't stop for green" is a superb line.

I'd ignore anyone who says they don't get it, as they are clearly suffering from some form of mental retardation and are possibly even stupid enough to be a client.

Anonymous said...

I think the line is weak I'm afraid - you can do a lot better lads!

Anonymous said...

to the second to last person to post, what are you on about! a pun does not count as a good campaign.

Unknown said...

This is probably the dumbest bullshit ive seen. not because i disagree which i certainly do..

but in regards to knowing what consumers want and catering to that in terms of advertising.. todays consumer wants green energy and FUEL efficient solutions.

this is retarded.