Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thorntons 'Stuck'

I found a wonderful ad yesterday on bestadsontv (very much worth signing up, it's free now). I was blown away, such a simple idea, executed so elegantly. I love the look of the child's face while he thinks. I haven't been fascinated about an ad for a long time.
I am with this one.

Watch it here, on bestadsontv, the quality is far superior to youtube. Done by creative team Tom Ewart & Dave Sullivan from SHOP London, does anyone know anything about this place? First time I hear about it. The spot is directed by Harmony Korine, who's most notable for his screenplay for Kids, at the age of 19.


Anonymous said...

Shop used to be Campbell Doyle Dye before the Dye went to start up Dye Holloway Murray.

Their clients include Mercedes and Merrydown....and Thornton's.

La Nube Negra said...

Wal, I know why you like the chikd´s face... Have you notice he could have been you when you were a child?
You two look pretty similar :)
Cheers from Spain!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on shop! i like their website :)

sara! how are you dear dark cloud?
the child's face is fascinating indeed, i also love his outfit, it's odd and yet so fresh. but i dont think i look similar, but then, people never see that themselves do they, only others?
greetings from londonia!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ads, they've got a few things in the new luerzers archive, i think this place is gonna be BIG.


Anonymous said...

would be great if anyone could link to some of their work, would love to find out more. there is some stuff over at coloribus, but its not free to sign up, blimey.