Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More greenness

It is freezing cold outside. Just wait for January and February, it's gonna be even colder. Wait. Maybe not, climate change is on the rise, so our winter is gonna be warmer. That's the moment British Gas should start to worry. Pollution. Planet heating up. Higher temperatures. Less heating. Less money for British Gas – oh no!

Wouldn't it be logical for them to make a campaign to save the earth and stop climate change. Keep the planet cool so they can continue heating. Cause it's the best for the planet, for the people, and for their stakeholders.


Anonymous said...

they're tag line is 'doing the right thing'

Helping the environment has always been big on British Gas' agenda, and so I guess you're right that it is in their interests to advocate the green message.

Recently they gave three energy saving light bulbs to customers who signed up to paperless billing... It's just one example of what they're doing 'greenwise' already.

It wouldn't be anything new for them to sell the environmental thing.

Anonymous said...

was just a quick thought. you are right, should have researched that :) thanks!