Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Green workshop brief

(redesigned for my viewing pleasures)

I received the D&AD Workshop Brief. It is for 'As Nature Intended', an organic store chain in, located mainly in London. Does anyone have a clue who've set this brief?

I am kind of annoyed by it, don't get me wrong the brief isn't bad. No, the brief is alright in itself. Here are three products/brands that were used to set the last three D&AD workshop briefs:

  • Ford Focus Flexifuel, a car running (partly) on renewable resources
  • Government campaign to fight CO2 emissions made by cars
  • As Nature Intended, an organic, and green store

Anyone sees the pattern? I'm getting a headache from this greenness. What to do?


Anonymous said...

Ahmen wal it's the same with the one show briefs, these briefs do no good for our book. On a lighter point its not a bad brief

Anonymous said...

green is difficult and could potentially be good for the book, so don't diss it.
organic store is interesting. I only shop organic these days- and it's a pain in the neck!
however, here's a thought, the only thougt that makes me go back, over and over again- cute people shop in organic stores. oh, and smart.
shame about the website of this little shop- it reminds me of holland and barett- not a good idea.

Stu said...

Hey Wal,
It's the bandwagon all brands are on at the moment. Corporate responsibility gone mad. So much so that I've turned green with green!

This brief seems different.
Organic just means fresh (it has to be, because organic food has a shelf life of about 3 days), and there's nothing nasty added.

You could say that innocent smoothies have a green philosophy. They just are. No need to preach.

So, don't think green, think healthy.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

yepp mike & tom, competition briefs are going green big time as well, good luck with your one show ones!
proxi, you still doing the vegan thing? i am proud! i went today to chiswick and visited this organic store, it was quite nice actually and you could buy literally everythign organic, including organic christmas cards, good time. so it is convenient. people & service were quite pleasant in the store though, good point, so are organic people nicer in general?

i dont agree that green is so good for your book though, since everyone has something green in there, its not interesting anymore, but thats just my opinion.

yepp stu, thats the bandwagon, but you have first hand experience with energy saving trust :)

i like the fresh/healthy approach, i shall explore this, it shouldnt be preachy, damn right! one very laddish idea today was: as nature intended – stay a milf! would that appeal to the mother target audience??? :D

just got word about the brief for the integrated advertising workshop (didnt apply to that). they have to come up with a dm for blockbuster, and it for sure sounds like a cool task :)

Anonymous said...

oooh, i think organic people are less stressed and happier in general. and handsome!!
and that is the most appealing thing about them- i even started to go out with one- oh so cute!

but being organic has it's down sides too- i can't eat eggs anymore- i can't have anything that has eggs in it or in some cases even smell it - it makes me ill. and i used to LOVE eggs.
and i'm completly intolerant to milk.

so now i simply have no going back. which is annoying. it was not my intention- it was supposed to be an experiment only.
but, hey, what the hell- it's organic all the way!

i think people would buy into organic if you said they'd look cuter and have better genes and handsome partners. now, THIS would be more than appealing to all woman kind- and soon to be single mothers.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

'i think organic people are less stressed and happier in general. and handsome!!'

what a load of rubbish, truth is the most important thing in advertising and thats where the gold is

Imagine if a pregnant woman saw this ad claiming organic food makes you pretty, so she subjects herself to an organic diet for 9 months then gives birth to a ugly baby....i hear a law suit

This brief is confusing 'convenient' means I could pop in easily, not get several tubes for a banana.
Chiswick is a good distance from central london, i could easily pop into m and s and get one and probably cheaper

I think the gold lies in........that would be giving our strategy away

Anonymous said...

mike and tom:
Well, isn't it quite clear that it's not a plastic surgery?
what kind of a moron would think that it's going to chage the way they look?
organic food is superb for your skin- it has no shit (except the natural, of course) added to it hence you're not going to break out in spots, acne etc.
think about it. majority of the problems come from the fast food and processed stuff- organic is healthier for a reason. and if they want to charge more for spending less- so be it. you might save in long term on creams.
of course, it's not going to be all that pretty if you keep up with stressfull job and no limit alcohol consumption.
as with regards to your pregnant woman law suit- she shouldn't have slept with an ugly guy in the first place.

Anonymous said...

hehehe :)

speaking of stressfull job, how are you doing proxi? all good?

mike and tom, i agree with the whole chiswick thing, but i dont think saying convenient is wrong, it is very convenient, but for the people living near the stores. so for me the media choise seems wrong, poster, maybe. ambient, that should be the main part of the campaign, together with an online part and dm. but hey, its and above the line workshop and they want the big ideas, right?