Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google traffic

A couple of months ago I installed Google Analytics on my blog to get more detailed information about the traffic. A lot of it comes through Google – but the things people look for don't always match the content on creativeinlondon. Here are my top ten search inquiries:

  • impressing an art director with a package design
  • london christmas placement
  • creative things to do in london as a single
  • image of alex bogusky
  • creative night out in london
  • source of a book tightly shut is but a block of paper
  • lick creative london
  • cool cultured stuff "to do" "in london" the evening in london
  • buy kazakh art
  • amazing quality paper ideal for business cards in london

Thanks G. Maybe I need to write some posts to inspire singles in London, we'll see. My tribute to you Google, two print ads I did back in university – just for you:

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