Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bogusky, creativity and a haircut

Alex Bogusky, now and before

Cannes 2007 went by. Amazing stuff. Great advertising. Loved the work. Some good blog posts on that topic around.

Personally I was amazed (in a bad way) by Alex Bogusky's (Crispin Porter + Bogusky) new haircut. He looks somewhat like after a rehab. But that's fine. He's a great person, a great creative. I admire his view and opinion on ideas and advertising, and. Don't miss out on this audio interview with him.

Alex Bogusky on creativity


Anonymous said...

Wow! He got ten years older in just one year.

Things that might have happened to him:

a) he got cancer
b) he got aids
c) he is on drugs

Anonymous said...


d) he worked his ass off to get this price
e) boulder colarado is a bigger difference to miami than he thought

Seb said...

I would say: bad lighting on stage.
Here is something to compare:
(Alex Bogusky appears around -3:10)
Looks very healthy and slightly tanned.

Anonymous said...

Blimey! :)

Unknown said...


My wife sent me this and i thought i should respond before my mom sees it and gets worried. The truth is I dying. But at the same pace as most people. I'm not sick and I'm not on drugs. I have lost some weight commuting by bike so perhaps that and the stress of the Cannes stage created the death mask like image.


Anonymous said...

thanks for leaving a comment alex, so we all agree, cannes needs better stage lighting next year.

we're all happy that unlike samson, you're creative strength isn't in your hair :)

hey said...

Did you hear that Paris Hilton joins CPB?