Monday, January 15, 2007

The russians are coming

And they are already here. I was delighted to see a huge audience this Saturday on Trafalgar Square at London's Russian Winter Festival 2007. It was the first time I attended this event even it is running for the third year now. As a russian born I was very excited about the 'authentic russian food' advertised on the poster (see how I am seduced by advertising?!).

After arriving there in the late afternoon, skipping the traditional folk dances I had to outlive durng my childhood, I was disappointed with the food stands. Yes there was a hint of russian dishes hidden in between 'traditional food' like hot dogs, hamburgers and kebab - never mind, I wasn't there for the food anyway, but to see two of my favorite russian bands playing: Nogu Svelo & Garik Sukachev. The square was crowded of russians & the performance was brilliant even Garik S. was forced to end earlier since there was an argument with the organization who tried to keep the volume as low as possible, a deadly thing us russian were revolting about - we love to do that.

Just a glimpse of the atmosphere on the Red Square, ehm I mean Trafalgar Square

Yes I did gained some weight over christmas

Nogu Svelo's lead singer in action

I wish Garik Sukachev could have played to the end...

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