Thursday, January 25, 2007

What a day

Puh, finally it's coming to an end. We had two presentations at JWT today. We were preparing the stuff the last two days and had to do a night shift to get everything. The outcome: We're very tired, but we learned a lot from the meetings we had today. And we feel happy, It's not that kind of happy reward feeling of 'having a brilliant idea and getting it through to the client', but more of a 'we've learnt something' happy. Maybe that's even better?

We need to get our next placement and need to improve our book for that, there is one problem: One thing always happens to us, at every placement we've been. We hardly get time to do our spec work for our book while on placement. It's always stuff for the agency which comes first, but this flow of new briefs never ends, once we get one thing done, we get another brief - a vicious circle. The only solution we found so far: 'Forget sleep, forget social life outside of work and bye bye weekend'. Can any junior team reconstruct this situation? How do you handle this? Any tips? We want to live outside of advertising! At least for a couple of hours a day.


lazbash said...

Hey man, I met you at the D&AD workshop. Saw your book. Hope the placements are going well. We are on placement at a little agency that handles Red Bull and Oakley.
It's impossible to work on the book isn't it! It's especially impossible if you're working all weekend. Biting the bullet is the only way. Or combine social life and work. Arrange to meet people but get there an hour or two early. Get pissed and talk book. Then you've just got to put aside time for drawing.
Anyway good luck.

Anonymous said...

hi val, we didn't meet properly at cream, but we were the book opposite yours at the gallery (does brick wall and chewing gum ring any bells?).

what we're trying to do at this placement is to do stuff for the book (very loosely) based on the brief we're working for at the agency. all without breaching confidentiality agreements, of course.

so, for instance, if the brief is a book launch, we do a campaign for waterstones for the portfolio. this way, at least, you can work on the book while still working on the brief, if you see what i mean.

good luck, ana

lazbash said...

Yep, we're going for the old workshop thang. Haven't done anything for it yet, but quite a nice brief. I take it your going for it too. Hopefully see ya there. If not we should def go for a coffee, discuss tactics etc. It's all about scratch backs, I recon.

Anonymous said...

yepp laz, we'll sure do coffee! but let's hope to get on to the D&AD first, that would be fab!

ana, yepp i do remember you from cream! just red on your blog that you've got the placement at mother! briliant, enjoy it, it sounds wicked! and thanks a lot for your tip :)