Wednesday, October 5, 2011

500 posts in 5 years

Exactly five years and 500 posts ago, on the 5th of October 2006 I started a blog and called it 'Creative in London'. I just moved to the English capital to pursue a career in advertising – an adventure in itself that together with this blog was (and still is) a great ride seasoned with ups and downs, exciting times and dry spells. From London to Hamburg to Stockholm to Tokyo this blog has seen me changing countries, jobs, creative partners, agencies, universities, interests and haircuts. Back then I didn't really have a clue what I was doing with this website – it was just for fun. Reflecting on everything now I can point out three themes that became dear to me and kept me blogging through good and bad:

The first thing is that this is a great way to document my journey and have a diary of sorts. The second thing is that I write here to keep myself thinking, questioning and reflecting, it's a collection of thoughts. The third reason is to share what I find moving or interesting and to connect with others through these thoughts and findings.

Every time I open this website I'm more than happy that I never stopped writing. I'm curious what the next 500 posts will be like. I hope they will be different as change is good. I will share more about culture, food, fashion and the bigger picture of creativity. But of course there will be advertising. It's still what I'm doing. Thanks for sticking around and reading this, I appreciate it. Comments and thoughts are always welcome. This blog is as much for me as it's for the ones reading it.

One final look in the rear mirror, eleven posts from the past that were defining, interesting, funny or random, enjoy:
  1. Games – the real new media
  2. Leo Lab Landing
  3. Interview with David Droga
  4. Rum alchemy
  5. Reflections from my internship at W+K Tokyo
  6. My lunch tale (creative writing)
  7. Workshop with IDEO
  8. Drawing of Spikey
  9. A creative team for today
  10. Advertising & Art
  11. The Hyper Island Way


Anonymous said...

Have you actually had a proper, permanent, contracted advertising job yet?

Anonymous said...

Wait. If I understand correctly, your three themes are:

- to have a diary
- a collection of thoughts
- share thoughts

Isn't that pretty much all the same?
And another thing... please stop making everything into a "learning" experience. We're not fucking scientists. We make ads.

Ferris said...

Ha! I just read the comments on the Leo Lab post. The grief you used to get was epic! Who's laughing now eh? What a journey you've been on. And it's about to get proper BIG!