Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cannes Lions 2011 Recap

The Cannes Lions Festival, a legendary week for advertising creatives and alike. This summer we were lucky enough to experience it for ourselves and to see what the fuzz is all about.

First of all we had to plan ahead and put on the back-burner on some freelance projects in order to get a Young Lions pass to the event – and it was very much worth it.

The festival of creativity as it's now called was an overdose of inspiration. Of course it was accompanied by more parties than we could handle and a lot of meeting people but our main focus were the seminars and workshops. And they did not disappoint. Sure, some of the lectures were not as interesting as we hoped but the majority was well interesting. The highlights included Coca&Cola on liquid mystery, John Hegarty on being different, Sir Ken Robinson on Inspiration, Google on our future, Malcolm Gladwell on the importance of being third, John Boiler on agency culture, Rob Reilly on great pitching, Danny Choo on Anime, Johan Lehrer on the science of creativity, Mark Holden on future technology and many many more. Luckily all of these talks are now available online to watch the ones we missed and take in the very good ones once again. We had a great time, it was inspiring, enlightening and very motivating. Next year we'd like to be on stage to pick up a Lion ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wal, nice to see you're having a blast. Anyway... and excuse me if I sound like an arse... you should really proofread the stuff you post.
It's Hegarty. Not Heggarty.
And I suppose you're from Hamburg, not from Hamurg like it says in your little description at the top right.

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks a lot, I appreciate the help!

Chris Ogunlowo said...

Hey guys,

Interesting post. I've been trying to update my blog with my Cannes experience. I should as soon as I find the time & energy.

It was really nice to meet you guys (though I still hate you for beating me to that cash) ;)

Oh yes, I'm there in the pix.
And if you're still wondering who I am... yes, you bought my friend & I some drinks ;)