Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best of Bucks hunt

Last Thursday my former advertising school Bucks New Uni had their annual London graduate exhibition. They had some really great books on show – a vintage year so to speak.

One of my favourite portfolios was created by Alex & Linda, two girls from Austria who have been at Bucks for three years now and just finished the course with a great collection of work. They have a very interesting selection with many packaging and product innovations and a huge range of media.This print campaign that had me laughing at the show was done by Matt & Matt for Gillete, here are two of the posters.
Have a look at the Bucks hunt website to see all creative teams and their work, there are way more goodies in there. Like Sarah & Laura, Sam & Kieran, Fiona & Sarah and many more.


Anonymous said...

Wal, tell them to sort out their Bucks Hunt site. It's a waste of time at the moment.

Anonymous said...

well, you're right, it's not user friendly at all. but you know, they're trying, the classes before didn't have a collective website on their own at all.

of course they are still far from that: http://www.spaceisthelimit.com/

Anonymous said...

That Gillette things been done millions of times, and it's in DandAd.

Anonymous said...

gillette has been done. by us actually, until we were told ddb already did 'trust is close shaven'.

hard luck though.

Anonymous said...

yepp, fair enough.

Anonymous said...

The Gilette thing is not very good. Plus it's a really poor choice of product to start with anyway. Studenty.

Biscuit Barrel said...

There's hardly any portfolios on the site!

Anonymous said...

most of the work sucks - sorry

Anonymous said...

The gillete stuff has been done, and done much much better. I'm surprised Phil and Julie would allow something like this to be put in their books; surly they've seen it before?

Overall the work seems to be improving but the books were messy and poorly planned. This is to be expected from the Bucks of today, sadly the graduates only really gain anything worthwhile knowing once they leave.

Jamie Taylor said...

Quite like Sarah & Laura's folio, lots of different media explored and not just ads, good stuff.

Very much like Fiona & Sarah's work.
Some really good ideas summed up with good endlines for Evian, Clearasil, Kleenex & National Trust.
Strong, clear, simple, positive.
Mineral water is a tough brief to crack too.
Only criticism is that both 2nd and 3rd execution refer to drugs. Don't want to give the impression you spend your whole time off your nut!
Also '15 years surrounded by stoners' is a terrible pun...

With the Wotsits campaign, as soon as I see 'I'm the Original Orange' with 'Orange' in bold caps, in that colour, I just think of the phone network, regardless of what's underneath it.

A good folio overall though.