Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who to cheer for?

Being Russian I am a huge fan of the national football team. I am very proud of their games in the EC2008 tournament so far. For me their will to win reflects the comeback of a whole nation. But as I also lived in Germany for many years, I cannot deny an affinity towards their team, especially as I am watching every match with German friends. I've been waiting all week for tonight's game, I couldn't wait to cheer for the Russians kicking some Spanish butt.

However this has now changed. We are working on Nike, as they are sponsoring Fabregas who plays in the Spanish team, and if we're lucky we might get some work through. That is – if Spain wins and the client doesn't change their mind. Inner struggle.


Ferris said...

Well Wal, now you have to support Spain in the final. Fabregas was the architect last night, that's for sure. That should soften the blow.

My American friend Jeff has started a blog in America about how everyone over 30 in advertising does the least amount of work but earns the most money. Thought you might be interested:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Fabregas did fantastically well, just wished the russians played better and lost, like 2:3...

ha, just looked at that blog, great fun, are we joining his cause? now who's that dvd library picture from? :D

back to work we go

Anonymous said...

Wal, are you sure you're russian? or are you from kazakhstan?
I understand noone in london knows the difference anyway, but at least you should.

Anonymous said...

i am russian, both my parents are. born in the former soviet union, a part now know as kazakhstan (half people there are russian, and half are kazakh). makes sense? sorry for confusion :D

spain won, yay. fabregas didn't play well, baeh.

natts said...

Weeeee areee the chaaaaaampionsss my frieeeend!! :))))