Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birds, Trees and TBWA

I guess it is lucky, perhaps we should hang out under trees waiting to get shat on more often?

A few weeks ago we got a call from LIZH telling us that when they sent our portfolio to TBWA and out of the lot 'Steve Henry has seen your book and wants to see you guys’. So we bobbed along to Charlotte St for a short meeting with the big man and got on brilliantly. He gave us some great advice and offered to get us in front of the team in charge of organizing placements. Yesterday, we finally got a chance to go in and see Julia Taylor, and it’s now confirmed. We’re scheduled to start September, happy as we are we have our fingers crossed to have our names on a contract by then. So for now, 18 days to Wieden+Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

Great news guys - your time will come and a job will be yours soon enough.

You're getting yourself (and your work) in front of some top people, and to impress them must be a big confidence boost.

As ever, it's as much about timing as talent, but you're doing well and the hard work will pay off in the end.

That's what I tell myself anyway :)

Congrats for TBWA and all the best for W&K

Mike said...

Hey Guys nice one, all just going full steam for you two! Must be doing something right!

p.s. I've just signed up to the Orange Balloonacy!

I love the little floating balloon!

Anonymous said...

cheers guys. yeah we like the balloon race, curious how it'll turn out. when's jwt starting mike?