Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Efficient creativity

Everyday. Everyday we get together and work on our portfolio. We are not on placement. This is good, and bad. We can spend all the time on our own stuff, but we're missing the structure. We don't have a place to work.

The Home – is a jungle full with dangerous distractions. A cafĂ© – initiates the transformation into a caffeine junkie, spending a fortune on a daily basis. Interruptions are frequent, in the middle of an idea we think of that person we have to call in order to get a portfolio review. We decided we need to be way more efficient. On the same day I stumbled upon a great e-book. It's called Creative Time Management, and it is quite good. Of course we know some of the things in there, but like with many of these book we need to be reminded to actually take action. Get it here. It is written by Mark McGuinness, a creative coach who I've met last year at a coffee morning. Have a look at wishful thinking, his blog for more tips on creativity.

On our quest to squeeze everything out of our brains we'll try to share more about this. For now, I'm on my way to a place to work, which just might be awesome, we'll see.


Mark McGuinness said...

Thanks Waldemar, yes it's the kind of thing we all probably know deep down, but need to be reminded of from time to time.

Hope to catch up soon.

Anonymous said...

Places to go to work that are free......

The British Museum's Reading Rooms. Can't go there til April. Not a place where you can argue loudly or talk too much..but Charles Dicken's used to write in there and the ceiling is amazing.


Apparently the Court is available to work in too. Inside the British Museum.

The Tate, Turbine Hall.

This should be handy. A map where there is free WiFi in London.

Ride the DLR. If you've got travel cards ride the DLR back and forth. Nice views.

Westminster Library- St Martins St near Leicester Square. Got the D&AD annuals there.

I think there are areas in the O2 where you can sit down...they had a fake beach there. Not 100% certain though.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this ebook mark, we love it!

jp li, this list is a great help! museums are on top of list as well, we did v&a and science museum last week. will have to do tate, but really afraid of british museum as it's very interesting, we cant just sit in a museum, we have to wander around :D

yesterday we spent the day at the barbican center which, as a place to work & think we really like! but more on this later.

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

go to a place called nabs, they have mac's pc's and quiet places to do some thinking it's full of like minded creatives and printing a3 and a4 is free!


Anonymous said...

we heard that you can book time for working at nabs, we shall try.

Jonathan said...

Just come across this blog in the last few weeks and thought I'd add a comment.
I go to the British Library quite a lot - although I can't say it has ever done me or my book any good.