Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gone are the days

It's been nice, January, sitting in cafes, moseying around town, taking in the sights, sipping cappuccinos and Friday nights drinks on a Wednesday over some furiously battled Wii tennis contests. However all that productive fun seems to have come to a sudden hold of late. Instead, the past few days; yesterday in particular have been a crotch kicking wake up call. Our casual emails of a "Hi we're Jai and Wal it would be great to see you" are being answered at an alarming rate.

Entering defcon 5 now. Night and day becoming a little hazy, Nescafe our new lover, magic markers extensions of our fingers and we're probably on Greenpeace's most wanted list for deforestation. But you know what, we're loving it. So if anyone else would like a chat, feel free to provoke us into an even panickier state of panic! Bring it on. Hello February.

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