Monday, May 23, 2011

John Jay on creativity

When working for W+K Tokyo we had the chance to meet John Jay. In fact it was one of the most memorable moments of our Japan time. Early on a Saturday we met him at his Hotel to talk about our Tokyo experience over breakfast. Robbin and I both agree that so far John Jay has been one of the most inspiring individual we've met in the industry. He has a very distinct point of view on things and if we'd have to sum up the two hours we had with him in three points it would be these three things:

1. Embrace culture: be conscious about your own culture but really try to immerse yourself in other cultures that are different from yours, try as many different things as possible, break out of your cultural comfort zone.

2. Be part of your community: always take an active part in the society that surrounds you, talk and meet as many interesting people as possible, go far beyond the world of advertising and mingle with artists, fashion designers and other kinds of talented people

3. Do things: stop talking about all the ideas you had, have, and will have – and do more things, bring your ideas to life.

The following video interview by Fast Company gives you a good idea about John Jay and his inspiring nature.

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