Monday, January 25, 2010

Join the Brotherhood

London creative agency Brooklyn Brothers started The Neighbourhood Project in their efforts of seeking creative minds for an internship. They are keen on stories about peoples own neighbourhood, no matter in what media - a song, a short film, a written story, a website or whatever else someone can come up with. What do you about such a challenge?

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Sophie said...

i think it's great,its important for people without degrees and loads of experience to be able to have the chance to get into a fun and creative job! Also, I find that most people who do a course all end up thinking the same way anyway, so it's seems quite logical to get a different perspective other than people who read Campaign and know all the correct terms for everything.Becasue you can't really teach people how to be creative? They either have it..or they don't. So what difference does it matter where they come from?