Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 criteria for my dream job

What do I want from a job? Inspired by this post.
  1. I want a job at a place where everyone commits to doing their best and most creative work.
  2. I want a job where I can work with like-minded people who I can learn and get inspired from.
  3. I want a job that gives me the opportunity to use the tools that I've learned in the past years.
  4. I want a job where I will be constantly challenged and have the chance to fail and grow.
  5. I want a job without restrictions to media for my work and creativity.


Anonymous said...

Do you really want a job? You seem to have been avoiding it since you left uni.

Anonymous said...

Well done for doing this.

I especially agree with No.5.
I can never fathom why 'creatives' would want to just work in one medium. If you can only think within 48 sheets or telly then advertising isn't for you anymore. Today advertising is about solving problems, not briefs. And there are so many way so many ways to solve a problem.

Sol Wei said...

Wal, I agree with you. Personally, I d add one more (which you prob touched anyways):

-I want to work in a place where if things aren't right, people are driven to change it.

I v always believed in "complain if you are going to do something about it(client, job, lifestyle) but don't if you are/can not (economy, weather)".

Sol Wei said...

btw Im starting an internship at The Bank on Mon.
It seems I'm following your steps almost. Weird.

Anonymous said...

surely after 4 years you should just want a job!

Anonymous said...

maybe you'll see Jai at the bank!

Unknown said...

nice! good luck at the bank and say hi to jai!

Anonymous said...

Is Jai working there full time now?

Going it solo Jai?

Anonymous said...

Why are you still posting things like this wal? Isn't this what you was doing when you was doing the rounds in London?

If it is, whats the point of this latest course you're on?

Besides, dream jobs aren't inportant at the mo. ANY job is.

When you realise this, you'll stop with all this shit.

Come on man, wake up!