Thursday, September 17, 2009


Module no.3 has begun. Interactive User Experience is the topic. It will last for seven weeks and we have a huge assignment, the client: IKEA. The brief is very open so the opportunity is huge. Client presentation will be in 40 days but we'll have plenty of workshops in between so there are only 16 effective days to work on this brief. We're in new teams again which consist of 4-5 people. I'm working with Natasha, Filip & Anna MarĂ­a and our team name is Insexnyckel, the Swedish word for the Hex Key / Allen Key which is used to assemble most IKEA furniture.

The Insexnyckel team
The first part of the assignment was completely dedicated to producing a group steering document and to discuss and form guidelines for our team. Here's our outcome:

The Insexnyckel- Manifesto
We've started with the idea development and will spend the next days researching and understanding the brand before we continue to generate more ideas and develop them further. And yes, I'm into time lapse lately.


Anonymous said...

Cool chin-strap hat mate!

Anonymous said...

Saw a really nice idea that a student did for ikea.
Augmented reality furniture!

Print out the code, pop it on you kitchen floor and viola, a crappy ikea table instantly appears through the eyes of a web cam.

Top that and you've won.

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Your dressed pretty cool apart from the mincey little beard. Shave it off!

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who's that girl in the middle, qute ;) adsurd.

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do we need to mention the incredible girl in the bowler hat? yes we do!