Friday, May 15, 2009

The great masters of advertising

Last thursday we went to the NABS talk at the London College of Fashion. It was all about TV advertising. The talk was moderated by Sir Hegarty and the panel consisted of Tony Davidson of W+K, Ben Priest of Adam&Eve, Nick Gill of BBH and film director Danniel Kleinman. What a great lineup! They've all chosen three ads each and I enjoyed watching all of those oldies and gems on the big screen.

Some of the things they've said stuck with me, one of them was that television is a shared media, people watch it together and talk about what they've seen. They also shared insights about the craft, like the importance of characters in a piece of film, sometimes over the plot. The right choice of music being crucial and of course they discussed the current question of 'Is Tv dead?'.

The answer in my opinion is simple, it's film what's important and impactful, no matter on what screen it appears on. And clearly, no matter the media, it's all about the story being told, right?


Anonymous said...

"film director Danniel Kleinman who is a film director"

You need a copywriter son.

Anonymous said...

'i enjoyed' is there anything you two don't enjoy. it sounds like a year three piece on what i did at the weekend. (this weekend i went swimming - i enjoyed it a lot)
Oh yeah what i was meaning to say was what's happening to your so called weekly campaign?

Anonymous said...

So did you guys get to show anyone there your work. What did they have to say if so? would be interesting to know their thoughts on innocent and j20.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Tony Davidson look like?! I'll tell you what: a crusty!

Peterrrrrr said...

what's the story in Sony Balls or Honda Cog, Wal?
Or Gorilla?

Anonymous said...

Where's YOUR film for Cannes?
You can talk the talk and all that...

Mike said...

Hey Guys,

Sounds like it was useful, we tried to get across but had too much stuff for Friday morning, like panic amounts! Not a bad line up and all very different takes I'd imagine.

I've heard JH & TD talk at Six of the Best in Lincoln, quite a personal thing, but very insightful.

Did you get the reduced £20 fee? ha.

Anonymous said...

"The answer in my opinion is simple, it's film what's important and impactful, no matter on what screen it appears on."

Don't think they just need a copywriter. They need an English teacher too!

Anonymous said...

Weekly campaign!

Weekly campaign!

Weekly campaign!

Weekly campaign!

Anonymous said...

Turn ups. How very old.

June said...

Guys, never mind the stupid comments in here. Never mind the weekly campaign either. Fuck all that.

Focus on The Bank. Get some cool shit running and fucking get a job there. It IS THAT SIMPLE.

Don't go fucking drooling over Tony Davidson or Hegarty. That won't get you a job. Work your asses off at the Bank, try and do brilliant ads there and you'll soon get noticed by those guys.

Even if you don't, you'll still have a job in advertising. Maybe not in Fallon or Mother. But in advertising. That's your dream, isn't it? What the fuck are you doing reading this now? Go and fucking work.

Anonymous said...


As far as I can see you've done 2 campaigns in 6 months, one of which (J20) doesn't even make any sense.

It's ridiculous, it's like you guys saying you want to build a house then spending 6 months placing two bricks next to each other, only one of them isn't even a brick, it's a lettuce.



Anonymous said...

Two questions:

Did tony davidson, or tony D as you two like to call him, notice you?

Did he try and avoid you?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

good socks.