Monday, March 23, 2009

Barclays Waterslide Competition

You might have seen BBH's waterslide ad for Barclays Bank. The digital counterpart to this is a youtube film competition to remake this ad. Friends of mine had a go their entry's called the Body waterslide, it's quite charming. If you agree give them your vote, they'd love to win the price – a world waterslide tour.

Looking through the entries there's another one that I find nice, the 8BIT waterslide version.


Ferris said...

Better than the real ad!

Anonymous said...

8Bit waterslide is by far the best.

Wal, are your friends going to share the 10K with you if they win?

Finley Quaye

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The body one is pretty rubbish tbh. Though that 8BIT is very interesting. Like that.

Anonymous said...

The execution is good. The idea? I'm not convinced, they have tried the "sex sells" route, which is becoming rather old hat & tired. Not even Fallon could pull it off.


The Idea Bakery said...

I like your mates entry but the 8bit one is really good and some nice little bits like the hyper slide and loosing his pants makes it alot more interesting than this one. For me, Maybe if your mates one was pushed abit more it would have been on the same level as 8bit

Unknown said...

Do you get even more points/money if you can explain how the idea relates to the reality of using the product?

Or more prizes/trophies for getting people to remember that it's for Barclaycard?

Or more pennies/kudos for saying what the product is and how it can help?

Clearly, I lose for being such a kill joy and bitching about an enjoyable ad. But do you know what I mean?

PS. Like the comp. But again, it's got more to do with the ad than the product, no? Aren't loads of creatives going to get involved, whilst Barclaycard's target audience are left shivering without a towel to dry themselves after a cold London waterslide?

Oliver Harvey said...

Hey chaps - I made an entry for the competition too - it's called 'Fish Goes Watersliding'. Do check it out and if you like, give it a little vote. Thanks!

katznjammer said...

hey guys, don't forget about the large particle accelerator slide!