Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Erik & Philippe interview

I'm a bit late on this, but published their interview with Erik and Philippe here. I admire their optimism towards the industry, these guys love what they do. If you want to be a great creative, it can be simple, it is all about hard work and staying yourself, staying unique. Many times this had been said, but it's good to hear it again. I'm off to town now, we're meeting at NABS today to do some work and contact people.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wal, what's the deal with NABS? what's it all about and is it open to anyone? I have visited the website, which is terrible, and it dose not give you any information at all. Im always looking for places to work - sounds as if it has potential. Is there much room, facilities etc? Would be helpful to know. Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

NABS is available for creatives to work, use facilities i.e. phones/computers/phones.

Ring them up, book to use whatever you need and your away!

They also run workshops and organise book crits which you could enroll onto if you wanted.

Hope that's of some help, perhaps Wal can expand further - it's been a little while since I last went.

Anonymous said...

yepp you're spot on. it's a space where you can use the computer and the phone. it's not uber great for concepting but good if you want to get things done, like calling, emails, printing stuff etc.

Anonymous said...

So its not ideal for concepting? is there a quite corner and a large table to work?

Anonymous said...

Just tried watching that interview. 1: the presenter is the biggest cock in the world. And 2: Its the worse quality in the world. Un-watch-able. Absolute joke. I have an idea, fucking sort your shit out!

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Mr. or Mrs Anonymous, if that was your sister, I wholeheartedly apologize!

Of course, I'm kidding around. Sorry about the quality; there was no time to test out everything, and we couldn't exactly get them to do it all over again. We figured we could either scrap it or run it. With positive and constructive feedback outnumbering anonymous vitriol (and vitriol rarely comes in un-anonymous flavours) by about 25:1, I think we made the right choice to run it.

Nevertheless, we aim to make the next one, whoever it is, a lot better.

Thanks Wal & Jai