Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creative Portfolio 2.0

Okay, sorry for trying to raise the coolness factor of my topic with that number .0 thingy. It just fits and there is no other clever name for it – yet.

I'm thinking of setting up another blog dedicated to the development of a new creative portfolio. A blog that would establish a platform for an interactive online portfolio review.

It would start with the choice of brands along with the first thoughts. It would contain relevant research and links for the chosen topics. Propositions, strategies as well as first creative ideas would come next, followed by executions of the thoughts and media thinking.

During this whole process people are invited to leave comments to improve the ideas or point out weaknesses. The blog could function as documentation of the work in progress. As an application tool it shows one's thinking and what happened between the first idea and the finished campaign.

Of course there are down sides to this idea. Would people comment? This depends on the quality of thinking and the consideration of improvements.

Does this makes sense?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Wal, I'll comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

so basically you want to do what dave trott does on his site with every product the agency has?
good luck.

Anonymous said...

like what? all i see on CST website is case studies, where is the interactive element of people commenting on the development of the work? did i miss something? enlighten me please.

Anonymous said...

i think it would lead to creative books that aren't your own so in crits agencies wont really know the true way you think.

wouldnt this also lead to a lot of people stealing campaign ideas and thus creating books with the same campaign in it. there would be no ownership to an idea if 100 people have all put in their thoughts

Anonymous said...

copycats are a good point. but are there really people copying other young creatives ideas? maybe i believe too much in the goodness of people.

a book of 100 people, ok. but isnt it the same as going around to loads of bookcrits and getting comments there? i think this concept would only work if the stuff you come up with is seriously good, and the comments are probably best to find flaws in the strategies / executions.

onewomanrunning said...

Do your thing Waldemar. So what if people don't comment (they will) and people might steal your stuff or it's been done before? Put your ideas out there and see what happens. You don't ask you don't get - you don't try, nothing changes.

Anonymous said...

Go for it,

You have edits of your portfolio available for people to download - they could 'copy' ideas from there if that was people's intentions.

It would benefit you to get people's comments, so why not. The work will be identifiably yours having orginated on-line, the ownership would be yours.

What would be interesting is if people could also post their work up for feedback as well - being fully interactive. A two way relationship might give less reason for anyone to copy ideas, as they'll feel they're getting something back for themselves too - not just helping you but benefit their portfolio.

I think people will enjoy giving their thoughts on creative ideas. I don't think that input would lead people to thinking it's their idea, and therefore have a right to take it as theirs also.

It is utimately the same as agency book crits, gaining their input. Just think how many people have already seen your work, university, agencies, people you've met to partner, exhibitions etc etc I think it's a good idea - I look forward to contributing to the on-line book crit, and also hope the placement is going well.

Anonymous said...

heya wal!

firstly let me say your blog is great. as an international student/copywriter it's given me a great perspective on the creative world in london.

i think bookcrit would be a fantastic idea, and im a little jealous of you for not thinking of it first. totally, go for it.

concerning the fact that people may steal your ideas, im of the opinion that if any creative wanted to steal an idea for their portfolio, this industry is not for them. the biggest source of pride for a creative is a job well done, and bollocks to the CD/client/boss/peers. that being said many campaigns are inspired by other campaigns. and i think thats ok, because creativity is evolutionary, as is thought. but its a fine line between plagiarism and inspiration.

enough of jabbering.




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