Monday, September 17, 2007

Dead. For at least five days

Live from London apple store, blogging from one of the free-to-use macs. Why? My beloved Apple Powerbook died yesterday.

So I arrived here early morning to get it repaired – it seems it's gonna take the delicious amount of five days. That means no chance of gettin' some decent business card design done for Cream. Oh and printing out those A2 files? From what data? Damn… This happened just in time, like always. I'm still in a good mood though, just taking some time off from my computer. Back to pencil n' paper. Enjoy your Monday.


Adsurd said...

OHH man that's not good :(
but why??? Fuck that sucks.
But i'm sure you gonna nail it at cream duuuude :D

Anonymous said...

gives you a reason to be more creative, not rely on your mac skills.

Be imaginative with your business cards, no doubt you'll stand out if they're not standard size, printed glossy graphics.

Totally bad timing, but use it to your advantage.