Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ding Ding

Last friday should have been our last day at Beattie McGuinness Bungay but we got to stay on. That's cool. We didn't get anything produced yet so we'll have to work harder I reckon. We like it, and we'll get to work on the big IKEA pitch – aaand enjoy the sun in Covent Garden during lunch time.

Exciting? You bet! Tonight we'll clean up our book a little bit so it's ready for tomorrow's portfolio night. Apparently all tickets are sold out. We hope to get some good shots from all the young teams we'll see there.


Anonymous said...

Good luck at portfolio night. Apparently you get to see 3 CD's that are chosen for you, so here's to getting the one's you want.

Wished I hadn't ummed and ahhed about it and just gone for it. Too late now.

Be really interested to see your article afterwards.

Anonymous said...

thanks jp li! we're also hope to see some intersting people but all of them are really worth seeing! we'll do our best to do our bit of coverage from a attendee point of view.