Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nothing new

Last couple of days were a nice break from the blog, just a bit lazy really. Enjoying the non existent summer, writing stories (about a cactus), reading books (advertising), working on our portfolio (a hairstyling brand) some design stuff (branding for a food franchise), calling agencies (new London office of the Brooklyn Brothers) and more stuff. In a bit we're off to the D&AD Workshop introduction session which takes place tonight. Hope to take some pictures there.


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun guy's.
good luck at the D&AD workshop!
not heard much about these brooklyn brothers, what are they like? any comments?

Anonymous said...

"sounds like fun guy's."
Mr. Cock, AUG 13 2008

Anonymous said...

Great news guys. Really well done.

For every spiteful comment posted on your blog, i will post 3 wonderous ones to counteract them.


Anonymous said...

anon 04:52,
how did you know my name?

Anonymous said...

First off congratulations for getting on the D&AD workshops in the first place. Its a notoriously hard course to get onto and i know you guys have been working your nuts off to get onto it! so congrats!
also im with anon 04:42, who are the brooklyn brothers?

James Callahan said...

HI guys,

I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now.
I'm one half a a creative team (James&Joe) in a similar situation to you guys.
We did these workshops last winter and they were a great way to work on some briefs, practice pitching and meet other creatives. We still see a few of the guys from time to time.
It's a shame we didn't do it at the same time as you two.

Well just thought I'd say hi. If Lydia is still running the workshops give her a kiss from us.


Anonymous said...

Eww you kiss girls.

Anonymous said...

Never met Lydia Shaw but she has a sexy voice.

Anonymous said...

james @ 10.16pm

whats with the David Brent style photo on one of your bolgs?

Erica Larssen said...

what about blogging about that D&AD workshop? Did you have your first crit yet? what was that about? what was the brief/product? are you considering posting any of you efforts?

thanks and good luck with the workshop!

Anonymous said...

erica larssen, are you a hot scandinavian?

Anonymous said...

I'm swedish, yes.
hot? don't know.
are you paris hilton?

Anonymous said...

modest too

James Callahan said...

"whats with the David Brent style photo on one of your bolgs?"

We see so many of those handsome power shots in Campaign and the like, thought why not have one ready for when they come a'knocking...

Anonymous said...

dear oh dear

not sure which is funnier, the pout at top or the thinking pose at the bottom.

david brent eat your heart out!

Sara said...

I just read about that Fallon placement hoax. It's a shame I was genuinely happy for you two.

Just do me a favour if you ever make it to fallon, don't become a Fallon junior. You're a sweet guy. Stay like that.

Anonymous said...

erica, me and you should hook up!

Seb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
seb said...

james&joe. like the way you did your website. interesting way. only the work has to keep up with that. love the "i love my mum" tee though.

wal, how's the workshop? and what's that fallon placement hoax about?

Erica Larsen said...

Can't get your obsession with my name! Lol!

I'm just going to hang out here by myself for awhile but thanks for the invite.

Anonymous said...

seb, what gives you the authority to critise anyone? If I remember well you're one of those dismayed readers who complain when people do that.

seb said...

woo. I've got nothing against constructive criticism, sunshine. only if you, anonymous, bash jai and wal for the sake of bashin.

anyway I'm with scamp on that one. you make them the best known junior team in London. though I wonder why those who seem to honestly think jai and wal are shite, are the most loyal customers of this blog. I mean they all could give a shit. but they come back. every day. why? curiosity that the two get one top-notch placement after another?

Wal said...

The Brooklyn Brothers are a 'Hot Shop' in NY, they just opened a London office, we'd like to find out more about them so we're chasing them up. Here's their site:

@James Callahan, thanks for dropping by, in fact I stumbled upon your website ( a while ago and thought it's quite cool, keep rockin'. And yes, Lydia is still running the show, she's pretty cool.

@Erica Larssen, a long D&AD workshop post is coming up in a couple of minutes, night blogging rocks!

@Sara, we don't know really know what's this hoax is about, but you can be sure we'd post about it if we'd had a placement there :)

@Seb, workshop was cool, see next post.

Anonymous said...

I think the ads are a bit boring and im not sure they would grab my attention where ever they were shown

How about something abit more fun, like ads that kids actually colour in themselves in an area of the store and display on a wall. Dot to dot and stuff like that. Then the best ones get published in print nationwide.

Kids drawing always stands out better than any art direction