Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye Sukiyaki

On our last day at W+K Tokyo we prepared a japanese Sukiyaki lunch for the whole agency. That means lots of healthy vegetables and delicious japanese beef cooked on the table in tasty broth – mmmmhh. We rounded it off with some mulled wine and Swedish ginger cookies for desert. No way on earth we could have handled the japanese food part on our own without the fabulous Michiyo helping us – Arigato! It was a great last day!

Mega thanks for the photos to my sister Anna who visited me that week in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this right.

After all the trouble you two have gone through, you still haven't got a job at W&K?

Christ - what are you two playing at.

I'm not being an arsed, it's just frustrating to see you guys being used and abused by ad agencies.

Did they say why they didn't keep you on?

I presume you have other placements lined up?


Unknown said...

Tim, our placement at W+K was finished back in July, since then they hired us as freelance creative team. For now our contract is now over, we might renew it but would like to look into other options as well. We are very happy with W+K tokyo and so are they with our work.

Unknown said...

Best way to get experience too and to travel. Your CVs will look amazing! I'm jealous.

Dean Spicer said...

i don't mean to sound harsh Wal because i love reading your blog and about your travels. But do you want a job?

This blog has been going for years now, you must be one of the longest serving placement kids ever. Plus some of the work you've done is really good you've a wealth of experience at top agencies why don't you apply for jobs at a top 50 or top 100 agencie.

Broaden your horizons a bit and try to work your way up to working at a top 10 agency like most people do. Or is working full time not something that interests you. Is it all just a hobby?

Please don't take offense because i love reading this blog but I just want to know if there's a point in it all?

Thanks, Dean